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Smyrna is a city located in Cobb County, Georgia, northwest of Atlanta. Known as the Jonquil City, it gets this name from the thousands of jonquils that are grown in gardens and along the streets in early spring. With an estimated population of 53,438 (as of 2013), Smyrna is one of the most rapidly advancing cities in Georgia, and one of the most populated cities in the metropolitan area.

If you are moving to Smyrna in the hopes of starting a new business or already have an enterprise there, it is best to have a business litigation lawyer by your side who will help you navigate through the process smoothly. As a business owner, you must understand what laws concern your company and the course of action to pursue in case litigation brought against you.

One of the most common reasons that result in litigation is failed business agreements. These include relationships and drafted agreements that, over time, change in ways that we are unaccounted for. Regardless of the reason for the dispute, an implied contract is almost always at the center of the dispute and litigation success calls for an applied knowledge and understanding of business agreements and critical defenses related to agreements, fiduciary duties, implied agreements, and merger clauses.

What Can Business Litigation Lawyers Do For You?

Business litigation lawyers in Smyrna are responsible for guiding and helping people involved in grave legal matters. In a majority of cases, their main aim is to resolve any legal disagreement out of the court even before the accused business is presented before the court.

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At Andersen, Tate & Carr, we work to offer high-quality and comprehensive assistance, guidance, and aggressive representation in a wide range of business-related legal complexities. Our business litigation attorneys in Smyrna bring to the table a strong track record of successful outcomes combined with years of experiencing in representing our clients.

We work closely with you and make sure that that you properly understand your options and can consequently make well-informed decisions. Our specialty lies in helping companies that are faced with any kind of unfair competition, trade data theft, copyrights violation, fraud, shareholder disputes, partnership disagreements, and breach of fiduciary, receive justice and peace of mind.

With over 20 years of experience, Andersen, Tate & Carr can assess your case, bargain with the prosecutors and fight on your behalf in your court. Our business litigation lawyers will take care of everything from start to finish, so you can prioritize other activities of your life. In case you need immediate assistance, get in touch with us by calling at (770) 822-0900 or contacting us online so that we can provide you with a free consultation.