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Located north of Fulton County, Georgia, Sandy Springs a beautiful part of the AMA (Atlanta Metropolitan Area) and has an estimated population of around 93,800 people, as per the 2010 census.

However, the census held in 2014 identified a drastic increase in the population – changing the figure to 101,900. Although Sandy Springs is a nice and welcoming part of Georgia and has a thriving residential community, the city also has a bustling business sector and a dominant economy.

When you talk about major employers in the city, there are many – the city is home to a slew of headquarters belonging to Fortune 500 companies, state run and private hospitals as well as regional offices from a plethora of different industries ranging from Information Technology, Computers, Services and Packaging, Telecommunications, Media and Financial Reporting and Transaction Processing.

The city has three of the best hospitals in northern Fulton County: St. Joseph’s, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta and Northside Hospital. It is amazing that these three hospitals account for more than 40% of hospital beds in the entire Atlanta Metropolitan Area.

Sandy Springs is also known for contracting startups and private businesses to perform a vast number of city services forming a mutual (private-public) relationship and partnership model of the city council and government.

The city is also one of the first in the Atlanta Metropolitan Area to outsource a slew of services for infrastructural progress and a variety of other ongoing processes.

There is no doubt that the city has a bustling and an ever growing business and entrepreneurial environments. And that calls for businesses to invest in highly competent and knowledgeable business litigation experts to stay two steps ahead of their business rivals and to safeguard their market reputation.

A Sandy Springs Business Litigation Lawyer Can Help

If you currently own and run a business Sandy Springs or are considering launching a startup company, you can tremendously benefit from a qualified business litigation attorney – someone who can steer you clear of a potential corporate mess saving you a lot of time and money.

Andersen, Tate and Carr specializes in providing expert legal representation and litigation when it comes to complications in business. They provide a streamlined consul and guidance and are known for aggressive and relentless representation in a plethora of business related legal problems.

We have an industry-experienced team of litigation attorneys in Sandy Springs that is backed up top-notch qualifications, professionalism and knowledge. We have a large portfolio of reputable clients that we represent on a daily basis.

Our talent and expertise in the courtroom, representation during trials and wide ranging skill set in alternative dispute resolution are all factors that quite easily set us apart from the rest.

Business litigation attorneys in Sandy Springs can help both small and large businesses to manage their operational and overall corporate risks that can endanger their reputation steering them into a legal mess.

Our qualified litigators can help safeguard your rights and wholly represent you with facts and evidence in case of a dispute irrespective whether it is of commercial, criminal or civil nature.

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