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Located at the base of the Appalachian Mountains, Rome is the biggest city as well as the county seat of Floyd County. As per the census in 2010, it had a populace of 36,606 and is currently considered the 19th largest city in all of Georgia.

Rome has long had the strength of economic diversity, with a strong focus on education, manufacturing and technology, healthcare, tourism, and other industries. It is also a well-known region for its medical facilities, especially the Harbin Clinic, Redmond Regional Medical Center, and Floyd Medical Center.

If you own a business or are involved in any trade affairs in Rome, you are going to have to deal with conflicts at some point involving commercial litigation. In a majority of cases, these issues are typically related to property, financial and contract issues. However, business litigation also involves legal matters that could be taken to court.

Why You Should Seek Help from a Business Litigation Attorney

When a company or a sole proprietor is dealing with any type of business litigation problems, they are recommended to consult with a business litigation lawyer. More often than not, taking legal resources into our own hands can prove to be pretty risky, time-consuming and costly. For this reason, it is wise and convenient to hire an attorney who could help you navigate through the process and reach a settlement outside the court of law.

One of the most common areas that business litigation lawyers in Rome can help you in include unfair competition. The line between wrongful action by a competitor and legit competition is identified and defined by legal issues including claims of trademark infringement, violation of non-compete agreements, patent infringement, and other concerns that are vital for a business’s success.

Whether you are being sued or suing another competitor, the laws concerning unfair competition are pretty extensive and, when correctly with a precise strategy, may serve as a crucial offensive or defensive asset to your business.

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At Andersen, Tate & Carr, we are dedicated to offering high-quality and comprehensive assistance, guidance, and aggressive representation in a wide range of business-related legal complexities. Our business litigation attorneys in Rome bring to the table a strong track record of successful outcomes combined with years of experiencing in representing our clients. We work closely with you and make sure that that you properly understand your options and can consequently make well-informed decisions.

With over 20 years of experience, Andersen, Tate & Carr can assess your case, bargain with the prosecutors and fight on your behalf in your court. Our business litigation lawyers will take care of everything from start to finish, so you can prioritize other activities of your life. In case you need immediate assistance, get in touch with us by calling at (770) 822-0900 or contacting us online so that we can provide you with a free consultation.