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A city located in Gwinnett and Hall counties in Georgia, Buford has a population of around 12,225 (as of 2010). In 2008, Buford was ranked 3rd in “100 Best Places to live and Start a Business” by CNN Money.

As per the American Community Survey (2007 to 2001), approximately 65% of the city’s population aged 16 years or older was reported to be part of the labor force. Of these, roughly 59% are employed, while the remaining 6% are unemployed.

If you are moving to Buford to start a business or already are an established entrepreneur, then you must definitely realize the importance of understanding business litigation. Business litigation is an expansive term that includes many things such as fraud, breach of contract, bad faith claims and insurance disputes, stock market loss issues (including misconduct, and unsuitable advice), and class action lawsuits (such as those involving securities and lender fraud).

If you are someone who finds themselves in a commercial or corporate disagreement, then hiring a business litigation attorney in Buford becomes a necessity.

How a Business Litigation Attorney Can Help

Hiring a business litigation lawyer from Andersen, Tate & Carr can enable you to circumvent or minimize your corporate risks with good planning and an effective strategy. The money that you spend in hiring an attorney to review contracts, assess deals, counsel in making decisions or review potential problems before they get out of hand, can often end up saving you a ton of time, effort, and money in the long-term.

Qualified and experienced business litigation lawyers in Buford assist businesses in handling all documents, publication requirements and filing for the creation of corporations, limited and general partnerships, limited liability companies, and sole proprietorships. Moreover, business litigation lawyers represent clients in their disposition and acquisition of business assets, partnership and membership interests, and corporate stock. The transactions may range from small and private transactions to complex companies involving multi-state based assets.

Plus, we also offer services from the early pre-due diligence state to the finish of transaction and help out with a detailed due diligence investigation, letters of intent, advice on the structure of acquisition, and the drafting of all necessary dos and agreements. Our attorneys work to develop a professional relationship with their clients and take great pride in the successful closing of a transaction. Lastly, we can help in determining which entity will best suit their business needs.

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At Andersen, Tate & Carr, we are dedicated to offering high-quality and comprehensive assistance, guidance, and aggressive representation in a wide range of business-related legal complexities. Our business litigation attorneys in Buford bring to the table a strong track record of successful outcomes combined with years of experiencing in representing our clients.  We work closely with you and make sure that that you properly understand your options and can consequently make well-informed decisions.

Our business litigation lawyers will take care of everything from start to finish, so you can prioritize other activities of your life. In case you need immediate assistance, get in touch with us by calling at (770) 822-0900 or contacting us online so that we can provide you with a free consultation.