Georgia Real Estate Litigation Attorney Services

Georgia Real Estate Litigation Attorney Services

Andersen, Tate & Carr, P.C. want to be your Georgia real estate litigation attorney team. We have one of the largest real estate law departments of any North Atlanta firm, and our staff boasts years of deep experience working with various clients from every side of the real estate industry. 

Our commercial real estate attorneys have represented developers, builders, bankers, private investors, and buyers and sellers in all manner of cases. We have helped resolve disputes involving contracts, zoning, acquisition and development of land for office, retail, mixed-use, condo conversions, and other commercial and industrial projects.

The expertise of our real estate law team can help you navigate any case and pursue an optimal outcome so that your business or your investments can continue to reward you for all your hard work. Our past cases include:

  • Contract Disputes
  • Eminent Domain
  • Rezoning, Land Use and Government Relations
  • Construction Firm and Contractor Disputes
  • Land Title Disputes
  • Landlord/Tenant Disputes

We are here to help you fight for your interests using the most sensible and efficient legal strategy possible. With our guidance, you can potentially pursue your case and resolve your dispute in a non-adversarial way through mediation or negotiation, saving you considerable resources. In cases that require trial litigation, we are also prepared to represent you using our extensive knowledge of real estate law, case law, and your rights as a property owner or investor.

Contact Us today if you are facing potential litigation or wish to resolve a dispute involving your property or a venture you were involved in. You can also solicit our legal guidance and advice for non-dispute related services, including the creation of new communities, the transfer of property ownership, and other aspects of real estate law described below.

Georgia Real Estate Law Advisory Services and Consultation

In addition to dispute resolution, our Georgia real estate attorney advisory services can help you structure deals or protect your investments with sound legal protections. We have represented developers, builders, and community associations in the creation, administration, and interpretation of common ownership and governance structures for commercial, residential, and mixed use property.

We can assist in all aspects of creating, modifying, and administering an association, creating “green covenants,” and creating age-restricted communities. This expertise extends to condominium creation and administration. We also have experience with all sides of “turning over” control of an association from developer to owner, including the representation of the interests of lenders in possession of portions of distressed developments.

The residential and construction real estate department of Andersen, Tate & Carr, P.C. has represented countless local and national banks as well as mortgage companies, facilitating efficient closings for the purchase of new and existing homes. Our services can also be used to aid in refinancing existing debt secured by residential property.

In addition, we assist home builders with acquiring construction loans and drafting contracts that protect their interests. Our services ensure an efficient closing process when new homes are built and a buyer is ready to purchase. We represent both buyers and sellers in drafting and reviewing purchase and sale agreements, as well.Contact Us for any of these diverse Georgia real estate law services and guidance. You can use our simple contact form or call us at 770-822-0900 to schedule your appointment now.

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