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Complicated disputes can arise at any stage of Atlanta construction processes. These disputes range from disputed commitments at a project’s start to fundamental disputes over performance after its completion. Often, these construction litigation cases can be complicated and can involve numerous plaintiffs, defendants, technical disciplines and large volumes of technical drawings and designs.

In order to make sure your assets and interests are protected during any construction litigation legal proceedings, it is advised that you hire an experienced Atlanta construction litigation attorney.

At Andersen, Tate & Carr, our knowledgeable construction litigation attorneys counsel clients to help resolve conflicts through negotiation and alternative dispute resolution to avoid the need for costly litigation. However, our experienced litigators are also prepared to go to trial and will aggressively pursue a favorable verdict in our clients’ best interests.

We offer strong advocacy and legal representation to protect our clients, while seeking to mitigate potential legal and financial implications in Atlanta construction disputes.

Types of Atlanta Construction Litigation Cases

Most construction projects consist of various contracts signed by construction companies and real estate businesses. There are three main types of construction projects: industrial, infrastructure and buildings. Because there are often so many moving pieces involved in the contracts for these Atlanta construction projects, disputes often arise.

Some of these construction disputes include:

  • Defective Construction: When the project does not work as it is designed to and has clear signs of faulty construction, the construction company is often accused of breaching a contract and using negligence during the project’s completion.
  • Scope of Work Dispute: When one company contracts another company to do a certain amount of work on a construction project, but the amount of work ends up being much more than the contract stipulated, disputes can arise between the two companies. Disputes can also arise over the lack of specificity in the wording for certain aspects of what labor is supposed to be done.

Our skilled construction litigation attorneys have a vast amount of experience handling all types of construction disputes in Atlanta. If you have any sort of dispute arising out of a construction project, get in touch with our firm as soon as you can. Our goal is to make sure your rights and assets are protected during your legal proceedings.

Who We Represent in Atlanta Construction Litigation Cases

To effectively resolve conflicts, Andersen, Tate & Carr construction litigation attorneys understand that all parties — including contractors, developers and owners — have their own interests and an equal stake in the outcome. Our lawyers are skilled negotiators, communicators and advocates. We pride ourselves on anticipating Atlanta client needs and identifying strategies for a successful outcome in their construction litigation cases.

Practical experience and pragmatic approaches define our management of litigation challenges. Counseling in both the residential and commercial construction industry, our skilled construction litigation attorneys represent:

  • Architects
  • Insurance companies
  • Contractors and suppliers
  • Purchasers
  • Developers
  • Sellers
  • Engineers
  • Tenants

Contact Our Experienced Team of Atlanta Construction Litigation Attorneys Today

At Andersen, Tate & Carr, we help our clients determine the most favorable course of action, and then we help them aggressively pursue that outcome if it is at all possible. If you have any sort of construction dispute in the Atlanta area, contact our firm today for a free, no-obligation consultation to learn how we can help you.

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