What Should I Do If My Ex Stops Paying Child Support?

Raising and caring for children after a divorce is not only hard work, but it’s also expensive. Many single parents depend on child support to provide basic necessities for their children. When a non-custodial parent stops paying child support, the custodial parent faces the burden of financial hardship and ultimately, the children may suffer. If…

Pat McDonough and Denise Townsend at HomeFirst event

United Way partners with HomeFirst Initiative to Begin Eradication of Homelessness in Gwinnett County

Homelessness in Atlanta is a growing epidemic, and the suburbs are not immune. Of the communities surrounding the city of Atlanta, Gwinnett County has the third largest homeless population, with nearly 800 reported “homeless persons” in 2015. Homelessness is detrimental for countless reasons, but one reason, in particular, is burdening Gwinnett County’s communities. The desperation…