Understanding Annulments in Georgia

A divorce and an annulment are similar legal proceedings to end a marriage, however the final results are very different from one another. A divorce is the dissolution of a valid marriage and an annulment is a legal decree that declares a marriage was never valid to begin with. Unlike divorce, which simply terminates an…


The Impact of Divorce on Your Work

“Check your problems at the door.” It’s a mantra some workplace environments live by. However, it’s easier said than done. It’s easy for problems in our personal lives to bleed into our professional lives. The trauma of going through a divorce isn’t something you can just turn off like a light switch. From the court…

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The Case Against R. Kelly

Grammy Award-winning singer Robert Sylvester Kelly, better known as R. Kelly, is facing a mountain of federal charges. He was arrested in July on separate indictments from the Northern District of Illinois and the Eastern District of New York. The Northern District of Georgia could be next since the singer lived in Metro Atlanta where…