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Smyrna is the 15th largest community in the state of Georgia. It is comprised of 17 neighborhoods and has a population of 56,664 people. The city is dominantly white-collar, with 86.8% of the workplace employed in professional jobs. It is also among the most financially-sound cities in Georgia, with an average annual income of $155,116 for a family of four. A culturally and ethnically diverse city, Smyrna is home to many African-American and Hispanic communities.

The city has a crime rate of 3.74%, which is almost as high as the national median average of 4% and the state average of 3.98%. This means that the likelihood of getting involved in a violent crime in Smyrna City is 1 in 267. The relatively high rate of violent crimes occurring in Smyrna increases your risk of being involved in one.

So, if you are accused of perpetrating a crime, it is crucial that you get in touch with an experienced criminal defense attorney to help provide you with the right legal solutions. This is where we, Andersen, Tate & Carr, come in.

Smyrna’s Crime Statistics

The crime rate in Smyrna is relatively higher than the national average. The high crime rate made the city 17th in terms of the most dangerous cities in the country. This means that 4 in 1,000 individuals are at risk of getting involved in crimes. Common crimes reported in Smyrna include murder (1 case), rape (11 cases), robbery (58 cases), and aggravated assault (142). But aside from violent crimes, another major contributor to the crime index is property crimes.

The rate of property crimes in the city is at 28.10%, which means that 1 in 36 individuals is likely to become a victim of property crimes. Property crimes are associated with violent crimes because of the nature and severity of crimes committed. Examples of violent property crimes in the city include motor vehicle theft, arson, and burglary.

As a city with high crime rate, it is crucial for residents to know what they are up against. Although it may be unlikely that you are going to be accused of committing a crime anytime soon, it is still important if you know a reliable criminal defense attorney in Smyrna to defend your rights.

Seek Help from A Criminal Defense Attorney in Smyrna

Smyrna has a considerably high crime rate, and it is important that you understand your rights. The police force can be aggressive when it comes to handing perpetrators allegedly involved in violent crimes. So, know your rights and hire a criminal defense attorney. If you are facing criminal charges in Smyrna, contact us today.

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