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Lilburn is a small city with a population of 12,675, located in Gwinnett County. As one of the developed suburbs around Atlanta, Lilburn receives a lot of foot traffic from people going to and from work in the city. This is the reason why most people here spend more time commuting than other places in Georgia. The city is also culturally diverse and has a high number of Asian residents, followed by Hispanics, and then Europeans.

Although small, the city has a relatively high crime rate of 2.92% compared to the national median of 4%. The high crime index in Lilburn puts people at risk of getting involved in violent crimes. It is therefore important that you know a reliable criminal defense lawyer who can help you during your troubled times. Andersen, Tate & Carr has the full-service approach to your legal woes.

The Crime Scene of Lilburn

The city of Lilburn has one of the highest crime rates in the country compared to other small towns and cities. Comparatively, crimes occur here 76% more likely than other cities in Georgia. With a 2.92% crime index of violent crimes, the likelihood of residents in the city getting involved in violent crimes is 1 in 343. Violent crimes commonly committed in the area include armed robbery (14 cases), aggravated assault (16 cases), murder (1 case), and rape (6 cases).

Property crime is another major contributor to Lilburn’s crime rate, pegged at 38.82%. Property crimes such as burglary, arson, larceny, and motor vehicle theft can happen in 1 out of 23 individuals. If you find yourself in a compromising situation, do not think twice about getting a criminal defense lawyer in Lilburn. They know best how to defuse the situation and handle your case expertly.

Seek Help from A Criminal Defense Attorney in Lilburn

Being accused of a crime in Lilburn can be a devastating event. Before you make any steps that can further jeopardize your situation, call a criminal defense lawyer now. There are legal ways with proper steps to help your situation. However, if you do things your way ,you may make the chances for these possible solutions narrower. That is why the need to get representation right away is quite urgent. If you are facing criminal charges in Lilburn, contact us today.

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We are a team of Lilburn criminal defense attorneys who has a lot of experience handling different types of violent crime cases. At Andersen, Tate & Carr, you are treated with confidence and sincerity. Solutions provided are clearly and customized. And most of all, we have a full-service legal team from which we can draw upon their expertise especially during instances when the case involves several practice areas. This helps to ensure that you receive a favorable outcome for your case.

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