Contested v. Uncontested DivorceWhen a couple divorces, there are many decisions that need to be made. Some examples of the decisions needing to be made would include the division of assets, spousal support or alimony, child support/custody/visitation agreements, etc. Through this challenging time there are many things you shouldn’t overlook when filing for divorce and with so much to deal with, it can feel like an agreement will never be reached. Couples can come to these decisions either uncontested or contested. Here is the difference. 



It’s rare that couples going through a divorce will agree on who gets which assets or how much money in alimony or child support should be paid. In these cases where the parties cannot agree on major issues, they will have to rely on the court to determine the outcome. This process is called a contested divorce. Typically both parties won’t be able to come out of the divorce with the results they were looking for because the court does all the deciding. However, the parties will not be stuck with the agreement forever. For an outcome that could be seen as beneficial for both parties, look to an uncontested divorce.



An uncontested divorce is one where the parties agree on how all issues will be resolved prior to filing for divorce. This process is often finalized quicker than a contested divorce; however, divorces – whether they are contested or uncontested – can still take a significant amount of time. An uncontested divorce does not require a trial or a discovery and therefore the legal fees are less expensive. However, while there are benefits to an uncontested divorce, coming to an agreement isn’t always so easy.  An attorney may be needed to help resolve disagreements during a divorce

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