4 Must-Ask Questions for Your Divorce Attorney

For many people, getting a divorce is one of the most stressful and trying times in their life. From finalizing the custody of children to dividing up a couple’s shared assets, it is important to choose an experienced attorney who makes you comfortable and works tirelessly to achieve a successful outcome. Typically, the initial consultation with a Family Law attorney is a difficult experience for clients. Although emotions are running high, it is important to prepare for the consultation by writing out specific questions you want to ask the attorney. These questions will help you determine if an attorney is the right fit to handle your divorce case:

What is your Litigation Style?

Some litigators enjoy the fight and winning cases even more. While this competitive spirit often makes litigators skilled in their field, it may or may not be the right fit for you and your specific case. Some clients are more comfortable selecting an attorney who is reasonable, but fair, with a strategy for amicably resolving issues. Evaluate your situation and goals for resolution before deciding what type of style will best benefit your case.

Do you Have Strong Relationships with Local Judges?

It is not uncommon for attorneys to handle cases in neighboring municipalities or counties. Ask the attorney about his or her experience with the Family Law judges in your city or county. A strong, professional relationship is an important asset for any attorney.

Who Will Handle My File?

Many firms have partners with associates and paralegals who work for them, so you may have more than one attorney or professional who works on your file during the process. It is important to ask who will be completing a majority of the work on your file. If money is a concern, you may prefer that a firm associate or paralegal complete some of the work on your file. If experience is more important to you than cost, you may opt to work with a firm partner on your case.

What is your Billing Process?

Many Family Law attorneys bill clients on an hourly basis and most require a retainer fee before beginning work on a case. Consider all of the work the attorney will be doing and ask if they bill clients for short phone calls and replies to email. If cost is your primary concern, you can ask for suggestions to keep the bill down. The more time and work a client is willing to invest reduces the attorney’s workload.

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