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Georgia Tree Cutting Attorney

Property owners are often surprised and angered when a neighbor trespasses onto their property and cuts trees.  Neighbors may unlawfully cut trees for a number of reasons such as to get a better view or to allow more sunlight or simply clear out an area for another use.  Regardless of the reason, neighbors do not have a right to trespass and cut down trees that do not belong to them, and Georgia law holds them responsible for their conduct.

Attorney Tyler Dillard has handled tree cutting cases all across Georgia, spanning from Blue Ridge to Jasper to Dalton to Atlanta to Stockbridge to Duluth to Athens. He has held trespassers, tree cutting companies, and insurance companies responsible for the property damage that they have caused. Tyler has represented clients in small cases where clients want to pursue claims based primarily on principle, to very large cases involving significant property damage that lead to multiple recoveries of one hundred thousand dollars or more. 

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