When you said “I do,” it’s unlikely that you imagined having to undo all of the legal, familial, and emotional ties your promise would create. Consulting a lawyer about the financial and legal technicalities of your marriage may seem like a painful endeavor you’d rather avoid until the divorce is already in motion. However, the most effective way to protect your future is by working with a lawyer who can help you achieve your most important priorities without overlooking any details. 

You should contact a divorce attorney if you face any of the following scenarios. 


Your Marriage Is on the Rocks 


It’s no surprise that turbulence or chronic feelings of dissatisfaction are the precursors to divorce. When your marriage seems like it’s approaching its end, it’s natural to avoid thinking about what might be around the corner. The fact is it’s never too early to be proactive and a delay could cost you in the long run. If your marriage is in jeopardy, consulting a reputable Atlanta divorce attorney is paramount to ensuring that your rights, assets, and interests are protected. Having a firm grasp on the law and how it could be applied to your specific situation—even before filing for divorce —will arm you with confidence and a clear-headed understanding of your options. 


You Co-Own Valuable Assets 


Dividing finances in the wake of a divorce can be a notoriously protracted and complicated task. Georgia is an equitable division state, which means assets can be categorized as separate or marital property. Separate property in Georgia typically includes assets owned by either spouse independently prior to the marriage. If you and your spouse co-own any valuable assets, dividing them may not be as easy as simply splitting everything 50-50.  Assets such as joint bank accounts, retirement savings or pensions, and real estate property can be complicated to untangle when a marriage dissolves. Family court judges will consider many factors before deciding how to fairly divide marital property. A knowledgeable divorce attorney can help formulate the best way to proceed. 


You Have Minor Children 


From custody and visitation to the potential for child support, divorce has many legal ramifications for the lives of minor children in your care. Even if you and your spouse can agree on a co-parenting plan, the legal considerations over what is arguably the most important and emotionally-wrought facet of your divorce are complex. Additional custody challenges may arise if one or both parties expect their circumstances to change significantly by relocating, remarrying, or moving in with another significant other. An attorney can help you navigate the sometimes rough waters of child custody more smoothly. 


Your Marriage Is Abusive 


If you or your children are in imminent danger from an abusive spouse, seek assistance immediately – the Georgia Statewide Domestic Violence Hotline can help. 

In the case that your spouse has already been abusive, or you fear that divorce proceedings put you or your children in jeopardy of suffering abuse at the hands of your spouse, it is of the utmost importance that you contact a divorce attorney. Though abuse allegations won’t necessarily have a huge impact where alimony and division of property are concerned, it’s certainly a factor when determining custody and co-parenting arrangements. A divorce attorney can help with the imbalance of power that inevitably happens when one spouse has abusive tendencies to make sure that your rights are protected and fought for fairly. 


If you feel like you and your spouse are approaching a divorce, contact a divorce attorney about your rights and options. At Andersen, Tate & Carr, our attorneys are dedicated to reaching the best possible outcome for our clients. Family law attorney Trinity Hundredmark has over a decade of experience representing clients divorcing in Georgia. For more information, contact our law office at 1-770-822-0900.