The “typical” method of co-parenting has changed drastically over the last decade. In the early 2010s, standard visitation plans commonly included alternating weekends for the non-custodial parent and extended visitation as a privilege. Today, we see a huge increase in the number of parents opting for a joint-custody plan where their time is split more evenly with the children.


Is Joint Custody Better for My Child than Standard Visitation?

At first, this shift caused speculation from child psychologists and judges alike. However, updated research has shown that when it comes to the 20 main factors considered when determining a child’s best interests, joint custody (when executed correctly) is usually the best option for children of divorce. These factors include a child’s education, health, overall mental well-being, and overall happiness.


Should My Ex and I Have Joint Custody Even If We Ended on Bad Terms?

It goes without saying that peaceful cooperation between parents is always best for the child, but even in cases of conflict between former couples (depending on the severity), joint custody has proven to be in the child’s best interest more often than not.  If arguments with your former spouse are unavoidable, there are ways to do so without involving your child.


How Do We  Make a Fair Co-Parenting Plan?

It is always in your best interest to have a lawyer present when creating a parenting plan after a divorce. Lifestyle choices involving your children such as school carpool arrangements, extracurricular activities, driving and phone privileges, visitation schedules, etc, can cause major conflict between exes. A family law attorney has experience helping parents make these choices fairly and knows which factors to consider each step of the way.


In any divorce or custody case, the number one rule is to make every decision based on the best interest of the child. During a consultation, an experienced attorney can help you determine the best course of action and alleviate any anxiety you may be feeling about the divorce proceedings when it comes to doing what’s best for your children.


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