When most people think about the holiday season, they feel a sense of joy and merriment, and remember times of laughter, presents, traditions, and quality time with loved ones. However, studies have shown the divorce rate typically spikes after the holidays. If this is supposedly the most wonderful time of the year, why are so many people calling it quits afterward?


Holding Out for a Miracle

The Christmas season and turn of the new year represent, for many, a sense of hope and new beginnings. It’s common for people who have been contemplating divorce to hold off on filing, or even bringing up the topic to their partner, just in case they’re able to rekindle the love during such a sentimental time. In the unfortunate situation that this is not successful, one or both spouses will likely start moving towards the filing process sometime shortly after the holidays are over. 


Fear of Disappointing Family

It’s a given that divorce is difficult for those directly involved, but it’s also difficult for their respective families. The stress of announcing a divorce can cause many couples to delay the decision, especially during the holiday season when most extended families are gathered together.

Fear of ruining the holiday experience is another common reason for the delay. When children are involved, some families wait a few months to begin the divorce process so their kids won’t associate the winter holidays with the end of their parents’ marriage.


Emotions are Running High

The holiday season can be a period of heightened stress and emotion for many people. Painful words and actions can have a greater impact and can lead to equally painful reactions. If no resolution is found amidst existing disappointment, fear, or frustration, one spouse may file for divorce soon after the holidays have passed. 

If you are considering filing for divorce, it’s important to fully understand your options, so you and your spouse can make the decisions that are best for your unique circumstances.


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