How To Prepare For A Potential Divorce

Many people going through a divorce can feel blindsided by it. The suddenness of it can be disorientating, and can make the process all the more difficult. However, getting a divorce is not an overnight event. Even if you didn’t see it coming, once you know that you and your spouse are going to separate, you can prepare yourself to make the process easier for you both.

If you are worried your spouse is contemplating divorce, or you are considering filing yourself, take some time to prepare.

Seek legal advice

The first thing you need to do is seek legal advice. Divorce is not something you can go through alone, and having a lawyer you can depend on will make all the difference going forward. Don’t ask friends for help, or think you can learn everything there is to know about divorce from a book. Each state has different laws and regulations, and you need guidance from someone familiar with the minutiae.

Keep an eye on your finances

Having a firm understanding of your finances is key. Know your expenses, and income, and keep track of both. If there is a huge increase in spending, or money starts to disappear, you need to know about it and act accordingly. Before either party files for divorce, you may need to create separate accounts to prevent ugly arguments and entanglements over your finances. However, the timing of these events will be critical.

Meeting with a financial planner can be a great way to prepare. Divorce can be costly, and having someone outside the marriage to help guide you can give you and your spouse a stronger sense of security moving forward.

Be transparent

Gather all the information your lawyer will need as soon as possible. Preparing financial statements that outline income, spending, and debt is important. While the discovery phase of a divorce allows you full financial disclosure, you can be one step ahead by gathering this information in advance to present to your lawyer.

Are there police reports of abuse? Criminal activities? Infidelity? Make sure you present your attorney with every piece of information you can. Don’t be embarrassed or worried about how you might look – making sure your attorney is fully informed will give you the best chance of success going forward.

Get the professional guidance you need

If your marriage is breaking down, it’s important to fully understand your options, so you and your spouse can make the decisions that are best for your unique circumstances.

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