Difference Between Co-Parenting and Parallel ParentingCo-parenting and parallel parenting sound similar, but they’re actually two very different approaches to parenting after a divorce. The relationship between parents post-divorce is handled differently because there are different sets of circumstances for each parenting approach. 


This approach involves a substantial amount of interaction between the divorced parents. Co-parenting brings the divorced parents together both in public and in private settings and both parents must maintain a civil relationship. This parenting approach requires full commitment from both parties and they have to set aside their differences for the sake of the children involved. 


Parallel Parenting

If the divorced parents are unable to communicate effectively, parallel parenting allows the individuals to spend time with their children independently. This minimizes the risk of the children being put in any uncomfortable situations. Parallel parenting may require the parents to go to court and have a judge establish a plan for both spouses to execute this parenting model. 


Tips For Successful Co-Parenting 

In order to co-parent successfully, the parents should follow these tips to provide your kids with the best possible transition into the new family dynamic: 

  • Communicate: Both parents should be respectful of each other and listen to each other to decide what is best for the children involved. Keep the conversations focused on the children. 
  • Keep the Children Out of It: Never ask your kids to speak badly of the other parent and never put them in the middle of an argument. 
  • Be Consistent: Adolescents especially need stability during such formative years in their lives. Try your best to stick to a schedule and keep the household rules in each home similar so that everyone is on the same page. 

In any divorce or custody case, the number one rule is to make every decision based on the best interest of the children. During a consultation, an experienced attorney can help you determine the best course of action and alleviate any anxiety you may be feeling about the divorce proceedings when it comes to doing what’s best for your children. 

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