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Many married couples think that getting a divorce is their only option in terms of splitting up. This is simply not the case. Choosing to separate, without getting an official divorce, is a much more viable option for plenty of couples in the Atlanta area. If you and your spouse are considering a split, you should reach out to an experienced separation agreement attorney to discuss all of the options available to you.

At Andersen, Tate & Carr, our dedicated team of separation agreement attorneys have years of experience handling all kinds of separations in Atlanta. We will work with you to make sure all of your rights, assets and interests are protected throughout the separation process. We are skilled at drawing up informal separation contracts, and we have helped countless Atlanta clients experience successful separations.

Why Choose Separation in Atlanta?

There are many factors that go into a couple deciding if they want to permanently split up or take an extended break. In Atlanta, a divorce can be a long and drawn-out process full of costly legal fees, while a separation can have much less financial stress associated with it. Because Atlanta does not recognize legal separations, an informal separation with the proper agreement signed by both parties can have beneficial financial impacts, including:

  • One spouse continuing to receive benefits from the other spouse’s healthcare plan
  • One spouse continuing to receive benefits from the other spouse’s military duty
  • Avoiding increased taxes
  • Keeping investments together

When a divorce gets finalized, many of these perks of marriage go away. Couples often experience financial struggles after a divorce because they have to pay for the legal fees and the increased cost of living that also often accompanies a divorce. Therefore, it may be in your best interest to sign a separation agreement.

Definition of a Separation Agreement in Atlanta

Legal separations are not recognized in Atlanta, so it is imperative to get in touch with a knowledgeable separation agreement attorney to have them draw up a draft of a separation agreement contract. This contract will have many different components, including who will pay for child support and how much will be paid, who will pay alimony and how much will be paid, how assets will be divided and many other important financial and legal elements. It is especially essential to have a legally binding separation agreement contract signed by both parties if children are involved.

Contact Our Team of Experienced Atlanta Separation Agreement Attorneys Today

Whatever the situation may be for your separation, you don’t have to face it alone. At Andersen, Tate & Carr, our skilled separation agreement attorneys Trinity Hundredmark and Patrick McDonough will be allies for you and your family, helping you reach the best possible outcome. We will put our years of experience in handling all kinds of Atlanta family law matters to work for you. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation consultation to learn how we can help you.

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