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Accidents occur in Georgia every day. In some cases, people are lucky enough to walk away. In other cases, people are left with injuries that can be considered severe. These physical injuries require medical care needs that may last for weeks, months or even years. When you have been involved in such an accident and another person is found to be at fault, we are here for you.

At Andersen, Tate & Carr, we know that you are feeling victimized. You feel as though life isn’t fair. We don’t believe that you should be left feeling this way and neither should your family. No one should have to suffer physically, emotionally or financially due to someone’s negligence or error. We will work to hold the at-fault party in Norcross responsible.

Whether you have been hurt in a pedestrian accident, car accident or truck accident, we know that you are feeling overwhelmed. Medical bills may be mounting and you may be feeling as though you have to make difficult financial decisions. We don’t think you should have been put in this position and are here to make sure you receive justice.

We know that your family is in distress. We understand your worries. You may be forced to undergo months of therapy. You may be feeling emotional anguish after your accident. You don’t know how you will pay the medical bills that are quickly piling up. When you are forced to deal with these things in Norcross, our team is here.

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Types of Personal Injury Cases Andersen, Tate & Carr, P.C. Handles

The personal injury attorneys at Andersen, Tate & Carr, P.C. represent a wide variety of personal injury cases in Norcross. If you have been hurt and think that someone else’s negligence may have been a primary cause, you can speak to any of our attorneys during a free consultation to learn more about your available legal options.

Some of the most common types of Norcross personal injury cases we represent include:

Car Accident

Because of the frequency that serious car accidents occur in Norcross, car accidents are one of the most common case types we handle. In 2017 alone, Gwinnett County as a whole saw 39,970 crashes, leading to 13,535 injuries and 66 deaths.

Negligent Security and Hiring

Properties with a history of trespassing and violent crime have an obligation to protect all tenants, customers, and other invitees. When security practices are not up to an acceptable professional standard, criminals can take advantage, often leading to major injuries that could have been prevented.

Nursing Home Abuse

We place our loved ones in the trust of nursing homes and other care facilities, but these institutions do not always protect them as they promise. Neglect, emotional abuse, sexual abuse, and financial abuse are all, unfortunately, common in Norcross and throughout north Georgia.

Pedestrian Accident

Pedestrians are extremely vulnerable to road traffic, and they may also be victims of hit-and-run accidents. Twenty pedestrian deaths occurred in Gwinnett County in 2017 alone.

Serious Injuries and Catastrophic Injury

Major injuries deserve special care during personal injury lawsuits. These include amputations, loss of an eye, spinal cord injuries, severe head trauma, injuries causing paralysis, internal organ damage, or injuries resulting in extended hospitalization. Estimating future losses can be difficult since there can be six to seven figures at stake, total.

Slip and Fall & Premises Liability

Property owners are obligated to keep their premises safe, yet countless slip and falls in Norcross and other accidents happen every year. Our attorneys investigate all aspects of negligent property care and leverage our extensive experience with premises liability law.

Truck Accident

A truck accident can be devastating, with catastrophic injuries and possible deaths. Multiple defendants may also be involved, leading to a complicated claims process. Our experienced Norcross truck accident attorneys are prepared to handle such cases.

Wrongful Death

The death of a close family member never truly stops hurting, but our wrongful death lawyers in Norcross can, at the very least, hold those responsible financially accountable. These cases often involve complex formulations to determine the full value of the life lost, including both potential income loss and the loss of love, companionship, and emotional support.

Personal Injury

Our personal injury attorneys handle all manners of personal injury cases not specifically found on this list. Contact us to talk about your case and receive a free evaluation from an experienced lawyer in Norcross.

How Can a Norcross Personal Injury Attorney Help?

It’s true that you don’t need a lawyer to file a civil lawsuit. In the case of personal injury, you do. Your potential for a positive outcome to your case is raised when you enlist the experience of a personal injury attorney who is familiar with local laws. We will not only use our experience to fight for you, but will use our relationships within the local criminal justice community. When you need a personal injury attorney in Norcross, call our team.

We can represent you if your injuries have been caused by:

  • Error
  • Negligence
  • Medical Error
  • Reckless Behavior

When you have been injured in any type of accident in which another person is to blame, that person should be held legally responsible. We will work to make sure this happens.

You are not alone in your fight. Our team will stand by your side throughout the process of seeking compensation for what you have lost and will lose. We know the legal options available to you and look forward to the opportunity to explain them to you. Let us help you make the best decision for yourself and your family with regards to your legal rights.

Elements of Personal Injury Cases in Norcross

Most personal injury cases filed by Norcross personal injury lawyers will be built on the legal principle of negligence. Negligence laws state that an individual who directly caused harm through a breach in their duty of care should be responsible for all damages that result.

Here is what each of those components means, in more detail:

  • Duty of care: People have a duty of care to follow laws, obey professional standards, and generally exercise “ordinary care” as a “reasonable person” would.
  • Breach: A breach of a duty of care happens either when the defendant a) takes an action that directly violates their duty of care, such as driving over the speed limit, or b) fails to act in a way that would uphold their duty of care, such as failing to repair a stairwell railing that is unstable.
  • Direct causation: Also called “proximate cause,” this means that the breach in the defendant’s duty of care is what directly caused the injurious incident, as opposed to some other outside factors
  • Damages: The formal term for all losses inflicted as a direct result of the harm caused by the defendant’s breach of their duty of care. Damages include both economic losses, such as lost income, as well as non-economic “general damages,” like pain and suffering

Norcross personal injury lawyers will investigate each element of negligence to determine how they align with your case. For instance, they can pull up a specific law that the defendant violated, such as a failure to obey trailer weight limits on a semi-truck.

They can then establish how this breach in the duty of care directly caused your injuries.

Finally, they will help you estimate the full cost of damages incurred as a result of your accident or incident. All treatment expenses and other necessary expenses after your incident will be tallied. Your lost wages will be calculated using a formula based upon your past earnings. Economic and medical professionals are often consulted along with prior case rulings to establish an accurate formula for future costs and other damages.

Negotiating with Insurance Claims Adjusters

Insurance claims adjusters may seem polite and professional, but remember that they work for the insurance company, not you. They have a motivation to pay out as little for your claim as possible, up to the point of denying your claim altogether.

To reduce the value of your claim, an insurance adjuster may ask leading questions. Examples include:

  • Did any of your passengers who didn’t receive medical attention feel pain as a result of the accident?
  • Have you had difficulty performing routine tasks after your accident?
  • Do you have any past medical problems that have made your injury more troublesome?
  • Were you talking to your passengers at the time of the accident?

Every one of these questions may seem cordial, but at their root lies an opportunity to poke holes in your claim. For example, if you say that no one felt hurt or that you haven’t had too much difficulty performing routine tasks, you will have trouble claiming the full cost of medical treatment later if an injury turns out to be worse than initially thought.

Questions that ask about your behavior or decisions before the accident could be used to attribute partial fault. Something as innocent as saying you were talking with a passenger can be used to allege that you were distracted, reducing the percentage of fault for the insurance company’s policyholder.

To avoid falling into common mistakes like these, be very careful when you talk to insurance adjusters after your injury. Restrict the information you share to your contact information, the contents of the accident report, and the general statement that you have a medical condition that is currently being evaluated.

Hiring a Norcross personal injury lawyer can help you avoid many of these difficult conversations altogether. Your attorney will advise you on the best way to respond to any inquiries, and they can maneuver the majority of negotiations with insurers on your behalf. These services tend to increase the likelihood that the claim will be honored for as much compensation as possible.

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You have two years from the date of your injury in Georgia to file a lawsuit. Time is of the essence. Call our office today at 770-237-9860 to schedule your consultation. You may also reach out to our team online by filling out our contact form. We look forward to the opportunity to assist you and your family.

Mikhail Britt, Shumate Mechanical.

Our company was owed a substantial amount of money from a property owner who chose not to fully pay the subcontractors that built his project. I believe our company was one of the few that were paid anything near what they were owed, and I attribute that success entirely to Don.

Ross K.

The first lawyer I met with said my case was worth $3,000 – $6,000. I met with Tyler next, and he eventually recovered $100,000 for my case. Tyler did an outstanding job.

Melinda C.

Tyler represented me after I was injured in a car wreck. Although there wasn’t much damage to my vehicle, my shoulder was hurt and required surgery. I was happy that Tyler recovered a six-figure sum for me.