Helping Reduce the Rate of Repeat Offenders through the GRIP Program

According to the United Way of Greater Atlanta, “approximately 10 percent of the population entering jail or prison is homeless,” which means that as these incarcerated individuals reenter society upon their release from jail or prison, they are likely to return to the streets.

As attorneys, we see first-hand the challenges facing those who have successfully completed their sentencing and must begin the process of rebuilding their lives.  However, when faced with the combined complex issues surrounding homelessness and parole, it can be incredibly difficult to remain on a positive path.

Gwinnett Reentry Intervention Program (GRIP) was developed through the United Way of Greater Atlanta to help decrease the homeless reentry problem in the county. In association with his partners at the United Way, Pat McDonough helped to spearhead the program in order to address the issue he saw to be a growing problem in Gwinnett County.

As the awareness increased of how many repeat offenders failed to have access to services like housing, healthcare, and income, it became clear that there was an opportunity to provide assistance to these individuals before they found themselves once again in violation of the law.

GRIP now works in collaboration with the Gwinnett Sheriff’s department to offer services including:

  • Transitional housing and case management
  • Connection to mental and primary health services
  • Employment assistance services
  • Screening and application for benefits (SSI/SSDI, Food stamps)
  • Financial literacy courses

Since its inception in 2012, GRIP has assisted more than 400 individuals with highly promising results.  Nationally, the recidivism rate within the first three years following release from jail or prison holds at approximately 50%, but through the dedicated work of an interdisciplinary team, the recidivism rate of the GRIP program is reduced to an average of 8%.  This benefits not only the individual, but society as a whole because it saves tax dollars and makes communities safer.


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