Attorney Trinity Hundredmark is Recognized by The Supreme Court of Georgia

Andersen, Tate & Carr, P.C is proud to announce the appointment of Trinity Hundredmark as Vice-Chairperson of the Standing Committee for the Unlicensed Practice of Law by the Supreme Court of Georgia.

With her appointment as Vice-Chairperson, Ms. Hundredmark brings a powerful voice and years of experience in law to the Committee. As a leader in the fields of both family and criminal law, she is known for her voracious and dedicated defense of those in need. Now she will bring these qualities to the defense of a larger population, by protecting citizens from the predatory practices of unlicensed practitioners in the state of Georgia.

The practice of law without a license is a broader issue than most realize. Cases can range from improper advice or coercion by individuals in legal disputes, to foreign or out-of-state lawyers practicing without being authorized by the State Bar, to high profile cases of predatory practices meant to deceive clients into paying fees and retainers without an attorney properly representing their cases. By helping to prosecute these cases, Ms. Hundredmark will aid in shutting down those practicing without a license, and will help bring those who have been falsely represented the justice they originally sought.

This honor adds to Ms. Hundredmark’s already impressive career and track record in the field of law, and will be instrumental in protecting the citizens of Georgia. Learn more about Trinity Hundredmark here.

For more information on unlicensed law practice and its effects, visit the Georgia State Bar website.