Andersen, Tate and Carr Law Firm Managing Partner, Donald L. Swift, III, is Named General Co-Chair of Partnership Gwinnett’s 3.0 Initiative

Mr. Donald L. Swift, III is the Managing Partner of Andersen, Tate & Carr, P.C. In addition to his executive duties, Mr. Swift maintains his practice in the areas of complex litigation and dispute resolution. He has a wide range of experience representing clients in a number of different areas, including business disputes, real estate and construction litigation, and serious cases of personal injury and wrongful death. He also counsels his clients regarding general legal and business matters, including risk management and litigation avoidance.

Mr. Swift has been named General Co-Chair of Partnership Gwinnett’s 3.0 Initiative along with Mr. Doug Jenkins of Georgia Power and Mr. Ontario Smith of AT&T. Partnership Gwinnett’s goal for the next five years is to facilitate the creation of 8000 direct jobs resulting in about 12,000 total jobs and capital investment of over $500 million. The ripple effect of that job creation is millions in additional payroll, millions to be spent in around the county, millions of dollars of additional deposits to area banks, and other quantifiable economic impact indicators.

As General Co-Chairs, each has kicked off his tenure with a pace-setting five-year investment intention of $325,000 collectively on behalf of their respective organizations.

“A great deal has been accomplished, but significant challenges and opportunities remain. We will only be successful if the businesses and other organizations that have a stake in Gwinnett’s strength and prosperity step up, engage and exercise financial leadership by investing in PG 3.0,” said Mr. Swift of ATC Law Firm.


Partnership Gwinnett is a public-private initiative dedicated to bringing new jobs and capital investment to Gwinnett County, Georgia. Since 2006, Partnership Gwinnett has worked with its local partners to attract and retain jobs, cultivate capital investment, support educational institutions, foster workforce development, and contribute to the exceptional quality of life found in Gwinnett.


Andersen, Tate & Carr, P.C. was founded in 1988. The firm has grown from two to almost thirty attorneys and over sixty employees, making it the largest business law firm in Gwinnett County. Our roots in Gwinnett County reach back much further, however, as some of our attorneys have practiced here since the mid-1970’s.

Andersen, Tate & Carr, P.C. has become one of the preeminent law firms in suburban Atlanta by offering unparalleled legal representation in Commercial Real Estate and Banking; Corporate and Business Transactions; Civil Litigation; Domestic Relations; Zoning, Land Use and Development; Immigration; Estate Planning Matters; Criminal Defense; and Personal Injury.

They welcome new clients in all practice areas.

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