With the onset of COVID-19, 2020 has been a change of pace from previous years. For families who are working to co-parent during this unprecedented time, pre-existing challenges could create even greater challenges. Here are some common difficulties and supportive activities that could make co-parenting easier for everyone while still creating fun for your family. 


Disagreeing about Discipline


If you and your ex cannot agree on how to discipline your kids when they misbehave, you should make time to have a calm discussion to compromise. Going for a walk is a great way to breathe deeply and refresh your mind after an argument. 

Activities that could help your family manage misbehavior include turning cleaning and chores into a game or creating a healthy, family competition to help around the house. Chores will not feel like chores when you add a little music and encourage each other to get things done. 


Spoiling the Kids


As a parent, it can be easy to want to spoil your children. However, both co-parents should be consistent in the ways you take care of the kids. When it comes to topics like food or gifts, you and your co-parent need to be on the same page. 

Rather than argue about differences, plan a socially distanced picnic at your favorite spot in town or set it up in your backyard. If you would rather stay indoors, you can have your kids help you plan and cook a meal. Odds are, they will love feeling involved, and you and your ex can focus on the kids as opposed to focusing on getting ahead of one another. 


Separating Parenting, Activity, and Digital Learning Time 


Parenting time, or family time, is essential for a healthy family bond. When you and your co-parent create a schedule, you need to make sure each parent has equal parenting time. Your kids should also have a set time for activities as well as digital learning. The school will likely create the schedule during the day, but you should plan time to answer any questions your child may have about homework and be there to support them as they transition to virtual schooling without their friends. 

Some activities to make your kids’ free time after digital learning memorable are creating a scavenger hunt, building an at-home drive-in movie, or making up your own board game. 


Undermining Your Ex’s Parenting


Living apart from your ex will likely make the family feel less unified for your kids. When you undermine your ex’s parenting strategy, the kids can become more confused and frustrated. 

To cultivate unity in your family, you can assemble a water obstacle course to beat the heat or go camping in your backyard for a change of scenery. 

Rather than focusing on the negatives of co-parenting with the challenges presented by COVID-19, continue to craft new ideas for your family to be unified in your parenting approach. Your kids will enjoy the consistency of your plan, and your family can enjoy spending time together. 


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